360 Cricket

The goal of this project was to create an engaging, fun and dynamic website with a booking system that offered an easy and enjoyable user-experience. By following a design thinking process we were able to break the project up into stages. 
After working into the research and test phase I was able to work into ideation. I teamed up with an experienced developer, Naomi Martin. 
The website had a clear a to b user flow. Our main aim was to cater to the main goal of the user... to book a camp or course that suited their child’s age, competency level and location.
As the business is small we made the decision to intergrate a booking systems soltware called Amelia. This met the users needs along with the company wanting to update their courses themselves.
This project was able to reduce booking errors by 98%! By creating an easy to use journey, it  resulted in a immediate rise in sales, happier users and hours of saved admin time in booking errors. Which has helped improved employee happiness too.