360 Cricket

360 Cricket is a coaching company that runs multiple training courses for a range of age groups across multiple locations. The company has undergone rapid growth and needed their website to catch up with them. The company was experiencing a large number of refunds due to site errors and user confusion. The goal of this project is to create an engaging, fun and dynamic website with a booking system that will offer an easy and enjoyable user-experience.


Phase 1

The current website was created in squarepace, and the first phase of the project used UX research principles to collect customer information and establish accessibility requirements. For a 'quick fix' I worked with their current developer to improve the information architecture, colour accessibility & layout through a Heuristic Review. For this project I conducted user research, surveys, and user testing.

View Heuristic Review & recommendations

View Customer journey map



Phase 2 (WIP)

 For the second phase I have teamed up with a new developer to implement the following deliverables:
·    User flow diagram
·    Prototype design
·    Full handover of UI & wire-frames
·    WordPress website with booking system integrated using 'Amelia'
·    User testing and launch
·    Video tutorials on how the company can manage the website

This project is currently ongoing and in the design phase.