This project consists of work I did for my Virtificate in Visual Design at Glasgow Caledonian University, run by the UX Design Institute. I completed the course over 3 months whilst still in full time employment.

The Brief: 'Design a responsive banking application. The client has some established brand principles in place. Their tone and personality are as follows: Playful, Clear & Trustworthy'


Logo & Brand

The name Mint came from came from a play on words. Both the Royal Mint and the plant that grows. I wanted an non obvious branding element that was fun and playful. 

I wanted the logo to be clean and easily transferable across platforms and uses, with a fun tone. 


Mood and Inspiration

I worked on a few ideas when creating the mood an inspiration. I wanted to explore different customer routes for the app.

Idea 2: 'Why do all apps seem to be designed for men's eyes?' a quote from a brainstorming session I had with my peers.  I wanted to design something instantly attractive to female users (and still fun for the guys) I wanted it to be playful, millienial and nostalgic, comfy and friendly.

Idea 2: The feel; Analog, trend, dark mode and vintage machines. The idea behind this was to appeal to your cooler than average users. Or for the user to feel like they were using a trendy app. The idea was that the app was highly branded and followed current trends in colour and brutalist inspired web design.

View all moodboards here´╗┐



I followed my initial inspiration to create my own application, website and tablet layout.

The design follows the 8pt grid and the 12 column layouts, to create a visually pleasing layout with clear visual hierarchy. Each page was considered for mobile and desktop use. If I were to work on this again I feel that the design could go further and have more interactive animations and screen trasnsitions. 

One of the main focuses I had during this project was Accessibilty. I ensured font sizes and colour contrasts where checked throughout design iterations. 

View Dark and Light mode screens´╗┐