CBS Careers website

About the Project

Whilst the previous Coventry Careers website was functional, the society needed to do more to attract and recruit new talent. The site needed to reflect the Societies new employer value proposition, stand out from competitors, align to master brand and attract hires internally and externally. 
The goal was to create an online platform that inspires and informs users about new roles. The website needed to illustrate the Societies commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, act as a brilliant initial touchpoint for all prospective candidates. The website needed to help the allow the user to search for available opportunities and prepare them for the application and interview process. 

mobile view of CBS careers

Project Details

The project spanned 7 months including brief, build and delivery. I worked with Eploy, a 3rd party specialist. Using Design Thinking I was able to take the whole project through UX research, workshops, information arcitecture, site mapping, testing, personas (and more) Quick testing and iteration were done throughout the process using userzoom.

Working closely with marketing, digital marketing, design teams and branding. 


Inital Website Designs